If you are interested in the international economy, please plan to join us at the 9th Annual International Trade Outlook, scheduled for June 5th, 2014 in Long Beach.  There is a lot to discuss, such as the forecast for trade volume and the Panama Canal’s potential affect on the LA County trade sector.  In addition, the LAEDC will release its newly updated report on trade with China, providing perspective on Los Angeles County’s No. 1 trading partner, and the 21.3% increase in visitors from China to LA County during 2013. Discussion will explore the business opportunities that Chinese tourism is creating, the increases in foreign direct investment into LA County, and the shift in exports to China towards relatively more finished goods and less raw materials.  Expert speakers will deliver insight to help you make informed decisions.

To register, please visit: http://laedc.org/events-page/trade-outlook/.  The International Trade Outlook will be hosted by World Trade Center Los Angeles-Long Beach and LAEDC.