As the debate rages over Tim Donnelly’s accusation that Neel Kashkari supports Sharia law, I find myself deeply puzzled, overwhelmed really, by the questions.


What is Sharia law?

Is it part of CEQA?

Does Sharia law permit you to carry your gun on an airplane?

But what’s Kashkari’s position on Jude Law?

Where exactly do they practice Sharia law in California?

Isn’t that what they do to housing developers in San Francisco?

Does Sharia law work better in Texas?

In an eye-for-an-eye legal system, what would a down-ticket Republican candidate be justified in doing to Tim Donnelly?

When the people pass a Sharia law by initiative, can the legislature amend it?

What was the last time Jim Brulte had a full screening by his cardiologist?

Why on earth did Tim Donnelly’s campaign manager and chief of staff quit, anyway?