In military terms, today is D-Day plus 70 years. Today is a date to remember in American and world history when the forces of freedom began the liberation of Europe in World War II.

With fewer and fewer veterans left from that conflict, as President Barack Obama said today in Normandy, “We have to tell their stories for them.”

In recognition of remembering 70 years ago, the Associated Press has re-published the original report from AP reporter Wes Gallagher that day issued from the allies’ Supreme Headquarters in London.

In recognition of D-Day’s anniversary, here is a link to Gallagher’s initial story telling America that the invasion of France had begun.

June 6 is also an important date in California history. Proposition 13 passed 36 years ago today. Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, has a column on that historic California initiative on this page today.