Assembly Concurrent Resolution 118, which names a stretch of Highway 99 in Sutter County the “California Small Business Owners’ Highway,” has officially been chaptered; making it the first highway sign in California history to recognize the significance of the small business community.

The small business community is too important to not get this type of recognition. The entire Legislature clearly agrees that our state could never thrive without the hard working people that have the courage to run their own business.

ACR 118 recognizes the significant contributions made to California by Small Businesses, including the fact that they account for 99 percent of the state’s employers and 52 percent of the state’s workforce. In the past, the legislature has approved resolutions declaring June as California Small Business Month; ACR 118 provides small business with a more tangible form of recognition.

It is an honor to be able to stand up for small businesses and recognize them for all they do to strengthen the California economy. This is not where we should stop however.  California needs to do more to encourage small business, and it can do more.  The day we see a friendlier climate for business will be the day we truly see California prosper and it will be the small business owner who we thank.