This week is California Voter Registration Week. The Secretary of State is encouraging businesses, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies to inspire people to take part in the November 4th election.

California had a pretty dismal turnout for the June primary, as roughly 18% of the 17.7 million registered voters in California turned out to vote. In the April 2012 municipal elections in the City of Long Beach the turnout was 11%, and in 2014 it was 14%. These are not exactly inspiring numbers. Can we do better? I think we can.

The last day to register to vote is October 20th. Want an easy way to register? You can now register online. It is easy and you can even become a permanent absentee ballot voter. Weigh in on democracy from your desk at home. I think Benjamin Franklin would be amazed.

I want you to vote. I also want you to think about legal reform when you vote. I know it might not be the sole issue you focus on when you vote, but just think about it. Where do your candidates stand on legal reform? Are these candidates supportive of stopping shakedown lawsuits like ADA and Prop. 65 or do they simply support legislation that expands opportunities for lawsuit abuse?

California is ranked by the American Tort Reform Association for being the #1 Judicial Hellhole in the nation. CEO Magazine has ranked California for 10 years in a row as being the worst state for business. There is a reason for this: California elected officials just do not get that legal reform creates jobs.

So, register to vote! Then, ask your candidates where they stand on legal reform. Candidates at all levels, whether it is your local water district, school district, college trustee, State Assembly or Senate, should be asked their position on this important issue.

You might not think your vote matters, but it does and history has shown that it does. Engage in the election process. VOTE!