Lawsuit abuse penetrates every level of society, perhaps nowhere more so than in the medical profession. The upcoming November election in California presents voters with a clear choice if they want to keep a tenuous lid on an explosion of costs associated with medical lawsuit abuse – vote NO on Proposition 46.  Voting down this highly-partisan proposition will allow us to continue a longstanding bi-partisan approach to reducing frivolous lawsuits defined in the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act.

Proposition 46, on the other hand, was written by and for personal injury lawyers, ostensibly to make it easier for patients to seek compensation and in an effort to increase the payouts they receive when they file lawsuits against doctors.  This even includes when my medical professional colleagues and I work in community clinics and health centers. Proposition 46 seeks to change the law to make it more lucrative for these lawyers to file lawsuits against doctors.

There are many avenues in place for aggrieved patients to seek compensation and justice, including filing State Licensing Board complaints, seeking peer review or mediation.  These avenues are likely easier, faster and far less costly, but rarely involve trial lawyers.  Shouldn’t we be promoting more efficient, fair and less costly means to compensation and justice?  Proposition 46 would likely not result in any of the above.

In case there was any doubt about who would benefit if Proposition 46 passes, look at the list of funders. The most recent data available show that more than 97 percent of the money in support of this initiative has come from attorneys and law firms. These lawyers are showing that they are willing to pay millions of dollars in order to manipulate our legal system in hopes of receive a bigger paycheck in the future.

If it passes, Prop. 46 will have disastrous consequences. It will raise costs, driving doctors and other health care practitioners out of the state and reducing access to health care for patients. Worse, the increased costs will fall squarely on the shoulders of California working families. A study by the former Legislative Analyst in California found that Prop. 46 will increase health costs in the state across all sectors by $9.9 billion – that’s billion, with a “b.”  Translation: a family of four will end up paying $1,000 per year more in higher health costs.

At this time every year, other supporters of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) and I recognize Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness about the impact lawsuit abuse has on our society.

I can’t think of anything better to recognize this week than to send in my absentee ballot with a vote AGAINST Proposition 46.