San Fran is changing. The poor and middle class are being moved out, can no longer afford high taxes, low pay and a government that loves regulations. In their place are technology workers—very well paid, can afford the rents; to buy a home, to pay for the San Fran taxes and lifestyle. Unlike the poor and middle class, they are concerned about personal freedom and are creating a new San Fran, one that prefers the individual to the masses. They want personal freedom and that includes less taxes and less regulations.

This is a new San Fran we are watching being created. It might take another ten years before this city by the bay becomes the first libertarian city in the nation.

According to this piece in Breitbart-California, “The Chronicle reports that leftists have lost control of the Board of Supervisors to mere Democrats, and aren’t running any challengers in November’s election. They had their last mayor of the city in 1992, when Art Agnos held the post. As the Chronicle wrote, the Bay Area’s far-left’s “attempts to block Google buses and force Airbnb to pay back hotel taxes have failed to make much of a dent in the economic boom that’s contributed to San Francisco’s rash of evictions and growing income disparity.”

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