My campaign for Governor of California obviously did not end the way I had hoped. When the polls did not move in our direction as the campaign drew to a close, I began writing down my reflections on this two-year journey. This document is my summary of what I tried to do, how I tried to do it and what I learned along the way. Clearly it is not meant to be a roadmap to electoral victory since we came up short. But my hope is future candidates may find these reflections useful as they plan their own campaigns.

I found the process of running for Governor a wonderful, enriching experience that allowed me to meet the widest possible diversity of people, from homeless people living on the street, to working Californians struggling to build a better life for them-selves, to some of the most successful people in the world. In the vast majority of cases the people I met were genuine and good-hearted. I am grateful so many shared their experiences and ideas with me.

I also want to congratulate Governor Brown for earning a record fourth term. I truly admire his lifetime of public service and have offered him my full support in tackling the challenges of our state

You can find my document, Lessons from the Trail here.