In the Central Valley, exhaust and pollution from big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles gets blown in and trapped because of our topography. As a result, our air is notoriously worse than other parts of the country. Of course, we want to do whatever we humanly can to clean the air up, and we are.

But despite our progress, the EPA wants more. In fact, the EPA says science demands more. But there’s a big question here: ‘What science?’ 

Right now, the EPA is trying to impose harmful regulations based on scientific studies that no one can check—not the public, not independent scientists, not even the United States Congress. It’s called ‘secret science,’ and it’s wrong. If the EPA or most any agency is going to propose a rule, especially rules that add great costs to our economy and infringe on people’s private property, the people have every right to know why.

The House passed the Secret Science Reform Act , H.R. 1030, because we want the transparency that this Administration promised. Our country needs more accountability from its government, which can start by ending this type of unnecessary secrecy.