And you thought it was just all the math and actuarial tables that make pension ballot measures confusing.

Now California faces the prospect of old-fashioned human confusion as San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed pursues another pension measure: key voices both for and against the measure have the same name.

Welcome to the David Low vs. Dave Low contest.

Dave Low is familiar to people who follow statewide politics. He’s executive director of the California School Employees Assn. He’s been a voice against various campaigns to limit retiree benefits – and on a host of other state issues.

But then, last month, I received an email touting a potential 2016 statewide ballot initiative. And the email came from David Low. I wondered: had Dave been hit over the head and switched sides?

Nope. This is a David Low who has worked for Mayor Reed for a number of years. In an email, he indicated that there’s been a little confusing among friends in the media, but he points out that Mayor Reed speaks on the record, so that should mitigate some confusion.

Of course, it’s early. So, on pensions, my fellow reporters and citizens, be careful from which side you’re getting the Low-down.