Wednesday was Small Business Day in Sacramento acknowledged by many of the legislature’s members who attended the event put together by the California Small Business Association headed by Betty Jo Toccoli. Members of the legislature recognized a small business in their districts from immigrants who started as dishwashers to owning their own restaurants; a bakery owner who makes treats for well-known athletes; to craft brewers, truckers and other small business owners.

All four legislative leaders, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, Senate President Kevin de León, Minority Senate Leader to be Jean Fuller and Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen all spoke.

Perhaps one of the more interesting comments came from freshman assembly member Jim Cooper, a Democrat, who told the audience that the top-two primary system has brought to the capitol more thoughtful and moderate legislators who are concerned about business and will watch out for businesses.

Many legislators called small business the engine of the state’s economy or the heartbeat of the economy. A good thought to keep in mind when the legislators act on bills concerning small business.