California Citizenship

Some people consider California a sovereign state. In fact, there has been a series of initiatives filed to recognize the state as such, requiring the California flag to be flown above the American flag among other changes. Perhaps, California is achieving the status of a sovereign state de facto rather than de jure – in fact rather than by law.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times a brand of California citizenship has been created for undocumented immigrants. Unlike other states, immigrants here are receiving a bushel of official benefits and rights such as driver’s licenses, in-state tuition privileges and state-funded health care for children.

Californians have always thought of their home state as a different place. As have others — in a not so complimentary way. An old saying goes: “It’s as if the country were turned up on its side and all the loose nuts rolled into California.”

But Californians have planted their own flag and some would argue that, for better or worse, this new form of California citizenship proves it.

Drought and Wildlife

In the northern edge of the City of Los Angeles, up against the Santa Susana Mountains, there has been a couple of mountain lion sightings the last few weeks – one of the big cats crossing a road and entering a small canyon next to a residential area. Coyote sightings have become quite common of late in the area, with the critters strutting down residential streets even during the day.

Because of the bone-dry mountains due to the four year drought, the animals no doubt are in search of water.

This week the Public Policy Institute released a report asking what would happen if the drought continued for a number of years. The report focused on four key areas: cities and suburbs; farms; rural communities; and ecosystems, which covered waterfowls, fishes, forests and wildfires.

The animals that live in the woodlands are also affected by the severe drought conditions and they are starting to mingle more and more with the human residents.

Lawsuit Settled

The California Assembly agreed to pay $110,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by an employee of former Democratic Assemblyman Steve Fox. According to an account of the settlement, the aggrieved party received $11,000 of the settlement and her lawyers got $99,000.

Either we should do something to make sure that justice is served to those that are wronged or I should go back to law school.