I keep getting emails from friends with a link to a Washington Post piece arguing that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump are, politically speaking, basically the same person.

And I keep scratching my head. Huh?

It’s hard to think of what they have in common. The theory of the Post story is that they were rich outsiders who upended politics. I guess, though Schwarzenegger’s outsiderism was always a bit squishy.

The Post story gets Arnold’s history wrong. The Post suggests Schwarzenegger and Trump both took on politicians who had waited their turn. That may be true with Trump, but Schwarzenegger didn’t face much political competition when he jumped into the recall. All the strongest possible candidates sat out the recall, because they didn’t want to give it legitimacy.

Oh, I know one thing they have in common. They both have orange hair that didn’t appear all that natural. Though Schwarzenegger’s was decidedly more credible-looking on TV.

But of the hundreds of differences I could name, let me point out a few.

Trump can run for president. And Schwarzenegger can’t.

Schwarzenegger was decidedly pro-choice. Trump has made a great show of becoming pro-life.

Trump blasts Common Core. Schwarzenegger played a significant role in its development and adoption in California.

Trump has called climate change a hoax, and he’s opposed to cap and trade. Schwarzenegger’s legacy depends in large part on landmark climate change legislation, approved in 2006, which established a cap-and-trade system.

Trump has been anti-trade. Schwarzenegger’s was just pro-trade; he built his career on overseas.

Trump wants to deport immigrants and their U.S. born children. Schwarzenegger is an immigrant who championed immigration as defining American greatness.

Trump wanted the repeal of Obamacare. Schwarzenegger tried to push through legislation like it – and worked hard to implement Obamacare in California.

Trump is full of conspiracy theories. Schwarzenegger has been associated with no conspiracies, outside of the movies in which he appeared.

Trump has criticized Jeb Bush and the Bush family. Schwarzenegger nurtured close relationships with the Bush family, particularly the first President Bush. (If he endorses in this election, I bet he’ll back Jeb).

Trump insults foreign countries. Schwarzenegger traveled widely overseas, and worked hard to build partnerships on climate, trade and other areas with as many as he could.

Schwarzenegger won a couple of election to high political office. Trump is not going to win anything.