1. Many Silicon Valley companies have designed devices and systems with methods of encryption that preventing the federal government from snooping on users via technical backdoors. Federal law enforcement has criticized these companies and and battled them legally. As president, would you side with the FBI or Silicon Valley?

2. Greater Los Angeles is in the midst of a historic expansion of transit, with five rail lines currently under construction. But your party in Congress has resisted efforts to spend more on infrastructure, and to help accelerate this construction. Can you explain why you’re slowing the transformation of a great American city?

3. If climate change and environmental regulation are so disastrous to economies, why is California a much richer place than states with resource economies, with some of the highest job growth in the nation in recent years?

4. Pete Wilson famously ran a TV ad in 1994 that said “they keep coming” in reference to immigrants aross the Southern border, a decision that may have helped him re-election but also is credited with pushing Republicans into minority status in California. Was that ad a mistake?

5. No California Republican has won statewide office since before the Great Recession. Why?

6. By a show of hands, how many of you would eliminate birthright citizenship? Of those holding up their hands, please tell us what bureaucratic process would you use to confirm citizenship, how would you fund that bureaucracy, and what if any test would you give to see who is eligible for citizenship?