Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s problem in capturing the Speakership of the House of Representatives was bigger than the gaffe he made is describing the effect of the special Benghazi committee– although that certainly greatly contributed to his downfall. The fact that he could not unite a fractured GOP caucus that sees increasing fissures daily proved not only a hurdle for McCarthy but portends more dysfunction in Congress. That’s bad for the country.

McCarthy’s failure to secure the speaker’s office is also bad for California. Having the leadership of both parties resting with California representatives (San Francisco Representative Nancy Pelosi leads the Democrats) could possibly help the Golden State, which is often ignored by Washington, especially in the area of sending back money that California taxpayers pay into the national treasury.

But even if McCarthy and Pelosi could not work well together, the Bakersfield Republican as Speaker could have made a greater difference to the Central Valley farmers and citizens who are especially suffering with the drought, weak economic conditions, high rates of poverty and serious unemployment.

McCarthy, as a California legislator, proved to be a likeable fellow who could work with all sides to seek solutions. Perhaps, that willingness to work on solutions with other interests proved to be his undoing with some members of his party.

McCarthy’s failure to capture the speakership is a defeat for California.