Didn’t you love having an extra hour of sleep yesterday morning?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could have that personal luxury every week?

If we could borrow 10 minutes each day from Monday throughSaturday, we could bank it for Sunday and get that hour of sleep at the end of our busy week. Crazy you say? Well, maybe not.

10 minutes every day is only 25 seconds every hour. Do you think you would really miss 25 seconds each hour? If you slept eight hours a day, that’s only three and a third minutes sleep everyday.

Who would complain? Television executives who would sell less advertising? Just think, during your waking hours in the upcoming election season you might get six and two thirds minutes less of political advertising. Well, sign me up! Somehow, I think, however, that tv shows would be 25 seconds shorter.

What about our clocks and watches? In this era of technology, I’m sure many techies would have no problem writing a software program that would conform our time keeping devices to a permanent 25 hour Sunday!