A health advisory: Stop watching the debates. They are not good for you.

The presidential debates of both parties are considered great civic moments. But they are so overwhelmed with erroneous nonsense that they can’t help but misinform the masses. Late-night infomercials seem responsible and edifying by comparison.

The Democratic debate existed in a world divorced from all known laws of economics and budgeting. Trade makes people poor, if you believe Democrats. Health care and higher education and just about everything else can be free. I’ll stop there for fear of passing along any more nonsense.

The Republican candidates spent time lying outright about their plans and their pasts (the biggest lie being Dr. Ben Carson claiming he had no association with a company with which he is in fact associated). And when they weren’t lying, they were whining – especially about questions and the media.

I had to turn it off before it was over. I have three young sons and get more than my share of whining at home. And the whining about the media makes the candidates look weak. If you can’t handle a question from John Harwood, what are you going to do in the face of Presidents Xi or Putin?

I’m just old enough to remember when Republicans at least pretended to be tough.

If people stopped watching the debates, they’d have to change them. Or cancel them. Either way, the country would be better off.