An article by Politico Magazine chief correspondent Glenn Thrush on Monday titled “Clinton Weighs Staff Shakeup” jogged my ancient memory.

As I recall this happened in the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign.  This year her complaints are that she is dissatisfied with the messaging and digital operations, which are two of the three main components of a campaign, the other being money.  This woman has been running since 2008 for the presidency, more than enough time to find the right political consultant and the right team to develop a campaign plan and how you’re going to message. A message that fits the world today and yes, have a relationship with the staff so that you can massage the message if needed by events.  

All candidates are deluded with outside advice and counsel from friends, relatives, bartenders, hairdressers – but they must have the discipline to stick to the plan.  Yes, absorb the counsel but be able to dismiss it.

Hillary’s lifetime political experience tells me that the real problem is she has a TIN EAR for politics, which is interesting because Bill Clinton had a GREAT ear for politics.

Yes, Hillary is going to be a very easy mark if the Republicans hold up their end of the deal and nominate a person who is not an extremist, who is reasonable, likeable, and well versed in the problems of the world – and has a little bit of an edge.  Of course, that might be a miracle in itself.