The United States Chamber of Commerce has begun a letter writing campaign to the next president of the United States to emphasize good choices for the economy. The project is labeled Dear 45, as in a salutation in a letter to the 45th president. The US Chamber will publish a letter a month up to the election.

This month the US Chamber published a letter by Thomas “Mack” McLarty, former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton, calling for the next president to be “The Small Business President.”

In his letter, McLarty proposed three initiatives to invigorate small businesses:

“First, reform the tax code. Small companies can’t compete with big corporations that find creative ways to lower taxes. They spend a larger share of resources to comply with the byzantine tax code.

Second, cut red tape. There are bipartisan efforts to curb onerous regulations weighing on small firms, including some resulting from the Affordable Care Act.

Third, expand vocational and apprentice programs that prepare workers for the 21st century’s high paying fields. Training costs for small businesses should be offset by tax breaks and other incentives.”

To read McLarty’s letter go here.

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