The California Center for Jobs and the Economy, a project of the California Business Roundtable, unveiled new California Congressional District Profiles to provide a detailed analysis of important economic trends, including job gains and losses, jobs located within each district by industry, wages, energy prices, unemployment rates, housing prices, income levels, number of persons receiving food stamps and other economic and demographic factors.

The Center for Jobs and the Economy has expanded beyond the existing legislative district profiles to include all of California’s congressional districts as well. The current data is already widely used by policymakers, regulators and the media to find detailed analyses of California’s diverse economy.

The data is derived from myriad sources, including the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Bureau of the Census, US Bureau of Economic Analysis, California Employment Development Department, California Franchise Tax Board and other public and private data sources. These sources are combined to create interactive graphs and reports detailing the district’s unemployment rate, labor force participation and information about job growth and loss.

This is a new tool to help members of Congress make informed decisions about issues affecting industries and residents in their districts and track the impact policies and regulations have on their local economies. For example, the data at the statewide and congressional district levels clearly reflects the emergence of a two-tiered economy and the dwindling middle-class.

We look forward to working with congressional leaders to provide them with the latest information that will help create and grow jobs for their constituents that pay for the services at the national, state and local levels.