This is an open letter to our California elected officials and those running for elected positions from local municipalities to the state level:

It doesn’t take much to “want” to open a business, but it takes a great deal of courage to start one. I come across quite a few individuals in my business who will discuss with me their desire to be self-employed. I encourage them, always! Some do; some don’t.

No one ever opens a business to fail! On the contrary, they open to provide financial stability to themselves and/or family. That financial benefit usually extends to employees because it’s what we want.

Many, to their chagrin, come to a stark realization of how difficult it is to understand what the different regulations are and what tax liabilities are imposed on them. Nonetheless, they keep marching on in hopes to eventually generate enough income to outsource those services to businesses specializing in compliance matters: lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, human resource specialists, and other professionals.

Regulations and taxes are necessary but when does it become too much? Folks, we’re already past that. Welcome to California’s business life!

We are but a few who day in/day out continue to manage our respective business. Some days are encouraging, while other days you just want to give up and seek employment with fewer challenges and a guaranteed paycheck. In spite of it, some continue to remain optimistic that success is just around the corner.

According to a recent meeting with other small business owners, 92% of all businesses are small and employ 2/3rd of the workforce. That – give or take a few digits – is an astounding figure!

I have yet to hear any elected official who does not support small business. Easily said, but the litmus test is in the voting of a legislative bill.

California lawmakers continue to pass legislation that ultimately has unintentional consequences that continues to burden the small business owner. The cost of compliance is not equal to large/mega institutions; it costs much more. Moreover, finding professionals who fully grasp and can channel the labyrinth of laws and regulations is difficult. So many businesses die by a thousand paper cuts.

Make California the destination and birthplace of small businesses. We will be eternally grateful and so will the thousands upon thousands of employees that will remain or find employment in a viable economic and stress-free regulatory environment.