The first U.S. Senate debate featuring five top candidates from both major political parties was held at the University of the Pacific yesterday but it didn’t get much respect in California’s largest city. The debate was advertised for 8 p.m. on KCOP Channel 13 – okay that was a taped delay of the debate, which actually went off at 6 p.m.—but at least the many interested viewers in the Los Angeles area could see it.

I even checked in the morning and saw it listed on the channel’s schedule. But when I turned on the set at 8 p.m. to watch, the debate wasn’t on. Another contest—the Los Angeles Angels baseball game with the Kansas City Royals had taken its place.

Didn’t KCOP realize there was more interest in who will be California’s next United States Senator than which team would win an early season baseball game? Well, perhaps, the TV station understands its audience better than I do.

The taped debate was moved back. Night owls could watch the senate debate from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. I taped it for later viewing so I don’t know who won the debate.

However, I do know the Angels won the baseball game, 6-1 over the Royals.