The Obama Administration and the EPA have once again taken side with the far-left environmental special interests to issue damaging and unnecessary regulations against the oil and gas industry and its workers.

According to EPA’s own data, methane emissions from oil and natural gas production-related activities only account for less than two percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions – and they are declining. Oil and gas producers have reduced methane emissions while, at the same time, increasing production in the United States.

The Obama Administration’s approach will increase production costs to an industry faced with the worst operating climates in decades and will make it more difficult for companies to produce oil and natural gas in the United States.

More rules from unaccountable bureaucracies limit the freedom and opportunities of many Americans trying to work hard, make a living, and support themselves and their families. The House will fight back against this regulatory assault that will end up destroying oil and gas jobs across our communities that literally power America.