More Oversight, Not Less, Needed for High Speed Rail 

Morris Brown
Founder of DERAIL, a grassroots effort against the California high-speed rail Project

At the Thursday (4/28/2016) meeting of the High Speed Rail Authority board, at which the 2016 Business Plan was approved, Chair Dan Richard made the comment:

Both because the recommendations from the peer review group and actually with our supporting this notion of stronger or I would say more visible legislative oversight

Video link here:

The hard truth of the matter is revealed in actions the Authority has taken to reduce, not increase oversight.

Last year, through a budget trailer bill, the Authority managed to reduce reporting requirements from twice a year to once every two years.

Then this year, when a call for an audit of the Authority was proposed, the Joint Legislative Audit committee Chair, Mike Gibson, received a letter  from CEO Jeff Morales, urging no audit be started.

Such an audit is clearly needed.  Questions around the 31% ($9.5 billion) increase in building from Merced to Burbank down south, which were revealed only in a hidden report, need to be addressed.

Actions always speak louder than words.  Just where are the needed actions from the Authority to increase oversight, rather than weaken and reduce oversight?

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