This summer, Californians of all ages and ancestries are reading.

Some are reading for work. Some are reading for fun. Either way, reading is good for us in all kinds of ways.

California’s 1,100 libraries are challenging themselves to sign up 1 million readers for summer reading programs between now and August 31.

The California State Library invites you to be one of those 1 million readers – and win some cool prizes if you read the most books over the next 10 weeks. 

Here’s all you do to join the challenge:

1) Read or listen to a book. Print or e-book — your choice

2) When you finish, send an email with the book’s title to

That’s it. The more books you read, the more chances to win!

Every completed book represents one chance to win. If you read a book that the State Library has a copy of that’s two chances at winning.*

Winning entries will be drawn and prizes distributed in early September.

And every reader involved is counted as part of the #onemillionreaders challenge.

*The State Library is a lot more than simply a place for learning about California’s history. That said, in figuring out whether a book you’re reading is part of the State Library’s collection, books relating to California history or written by California authors are a safe bet. So is classical literature, ancient Greek and Roman but also more modern. If you want to know for sure, go to the library’s website – – click on “Ask a Librarian” on the left and then type in your title.