On the bus to Cleveland … On the bus to Sandusky… We are spending a lot of time on the road back and forth to and from the convention along this 58 mile path each way!  One of the main issues on everyone’s mind for this convention has been fear for safety.  After police have been targeted and purposefully killed twice in the week leading up to the convention in our country, fear is a normal reaction.  And the worry about protestors and terrorists– will they hurt us or shoot at our police protecting us?  It’s a crazy time right now!

So you know, we are so, so safe.  I remember Donald Trump telling us at his rally in Anaheim, “If you are here with me, you are in the safest spot on earth.”  It really is true.  There are police inside  the bus at the front and the back in bullet proof vests. We have a police escort leading the line of 13 buses filled with delegates and guests from California. There is a sheriff vehicle behind our line of buses. We have secret service and home land security officers on our bus, too. 

The police and sheriffs close the freeways down around “the Q” (as they call the Quicken arena) for our arrival.  At the Q there are 3 perimeters of safety, steel panels, then what they call bike racks and concrete barricades.  I have yet to see one protestor.  We are truly insulated from the chaos in that one small area designated for protestors that are captivating the world on television.

We have police and secret service at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky where all the California delegates are living for the week.  With over 340 delegates and alternate delegates, California has the largest group rounding out at 600 or so with guests and family members. And we are 100% for Trump.  With such a large group, we are told,  that’s why we are traveling so far each day to get to a location that can house us all together.    Someone mentioned that it’s akin to the busing from the south, California delegates have been segregated.  We may be outside of Cleveland, but we are the most enthusiastic and energized group!  And we are grateful for our police protection.