The difference between Donald Trump and Indiana Governor and Trump VP pick Mike Pence is the difference between a Saturday night jazz singer and the member of the church choir.  Trump will sing How High the Moon 27 different times 27 different ways.  Pence will be singing Rock of Ages the same way in the same pew his grandaddy did two generations ago.

Trump knows Newt and Christie better.  For Donald, they would have been “easier” choices.   He may have chosen Pence more to help him win the election, work with people outside Trump’s inner circle both before and after the election.

How do Newt and Christie feel?  Who knows.  But I can imagine a scenario where Newt and Christie were promised other posts (Chief of Staff for Newt? AG for Christie?) which those two probably would enjoy more anyway.

Will it work? Pass me the dice, I’ll roll them and let you know.