Donald J. Trump delivered such a stunning, direct and visionary speech as he accepted his nomination for President of the  USA that reached out to every single American.  His common sense approach, his words, his family, his work ethic, his direct talk are taking us back to our roots as a country.  Bringing us back on track, fighting for our freedoms,  fighting for our rights, freeing us from the government and bureaucracy that has overburdened every facet of our lives.  He will honor our police, our military, our families, our need for jobs, our constitution and fight  to make us proud to all be Americans without any apology.

The 2016 is absolutely perfect-  historical, grassroots with peoples voices, some just loud and most clear and engaging. We have a real discourse going on in our country — 240 years after our Declaration of Independence.

I started this journey to Cleveland saying we are in a revolution, as in the 1770’s.   It’s  looking more that way each day!

Which convention are you hearing about?  The one we are witnessing or the one that the media is creating and focusing on  – Melania’s beautiful speech (with an outcry over 22  words), the thousands of protestors (that delegates aren’t seeing), the shouting politicians with the diatribe against Hillary (the people’s true political process in open debate).  There are lots of interpretations, but the discourse is vibrant and our country is bursting with life!

For Cruz, we welcomed him and his strong speech, discussing his prospects as a Supreme Court justice, until he said those 3 words that carried many meanings in the moment of the delivery, “Vote your Conscience.”  We shouted unite, boo, keep your pledge, get out.  Someone said we should have shouted lying Ted!

Actually truth be told, what you are witnessing is a revolution. The Republican party is convulsing over it’s future, what ideas will guide it and what it will represent. We are in the midst of wrestling control of the party from the religious zealots and old guard establishment -people like Bush, Cruz and Kasich and returning it to the people through the radical non politician, Donald Trump.