Facts are stubborn things; and whatever our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. Wise words that ring true again today, just days after members of the liberal majority passed legislation motivated by fantasy, not facts. I’m here to tell you the facts about the devastating consequences SB 32 will continue to have on California.

Members of the liberal majority and environmental activists want Californians to believe that climate change policy instituted 10 years ago, AB 32, has proven successful and therefore extending and expanding strict carbon reduction policies to 2030 is wise. It is pure fantasy.

Here are the facts. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has not demonstrated that greenhouse gas emission reductions have been achieved in a cost-effective manner. The California Department of Finance found that the ARB has not shown cost-effective reductions through credible metrics. Even the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office has raised concerns over the effectiveness of current cap-and-trade revenue spending, finding that little to no reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have been made despite billions of dollars spent through cap-and-trade revenue.

Meanwhile, there has been a serious cost to working people in this state. Truckers out of work who have lost their livelihoods; building and construction workers who can’t find a job. Good paying manufacturing jobs that have gone to other states. These facts were ignored when SB 32 passed out of the California State Legislature. The truth is that SB 32 will increase the discretion of the ARB to pass new regulations that will severely restrict our ability to produce and transport goods.

The truth is that this unfettered authority of the ARB to institute draconian measures will continue to crush businesses and reduce the availability of good paying jobs, forcing more Californians out of work. It is reckless to double down on a policy that has led to California ranking last place in manufacturing jobs and has put hard-working blue collar Californians in my district and throughout the state out of work.

Government is not the sole arbiter of our state’s destiny. We must see business and industry as a partner, not a punching bag. That’s why this November, it’s critical for Californians to rally together and break the chains of ineffective government. Two years ago, Republican victories broke supermajorities in both legislative houses. This has helped stem the tide, but now we need more legislators who understand pocket book values. We must hold our ground to continue to fight policies like SB 32 from becoming the status quo, because the truth is, Californians deserve better.