In his September 1 column, Joel Kotkin again makes a great case why American workers should vote against the Ruling Class and their poster child candidate, Hillary Clinton including:

“Middle-class revulsion with the political mainstream has been driven by slow economic growthstagnant wages, a dysfunctional education system, and, for smaller businesses, a tightening regulatory regime. Homeownership is now at a nearly half-century low. New business start ups, for the first time in three decades, are not keeping up with the number of deaths. Both stats reveal a real decline in aspiration. Most Americans, in a stunning reversal of past trends, see a worse future for their offspring than themselves. Who can blame them? Middle-class breadwinners and working-class wage-earners now suffer from deteriorating health and shorter lifespans.”

However, Kotkin makes a remarkably week case why American workers should support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump and continue America on the same track, albeit much more crooked.

Joel Kotkin does not criticize any of Donald Trump’s policies.  Kotkin likes Trump’s “themes, notably economic nationalism and control of immigration.”

Kotkin’s stated reasons for American workers supporting Hillary Clinton are:

–“A Trump administration would be unlikely to reflect blue-collar interests, but rather those of his inner circle, which includes some of the most ravenous Wall Street operators. The same is true of his general election opponent.”  [BTW, “ravenous Wall Street operators” overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton.]


–“his clear incompetence, narcissism and mean-spiritedness.”

One never knows whether candidates will attempt to fulfill their promises and whether they will be successful.  On Wednesday, Donald Trump reaffirmed his immigration promises. Trump has been consistent in putting America and American first. Trump has not “moved to the middle” after winning the nomination like most politicians.  While you can find isolated statements in Donald Trump’s many extemporaneous speeches and interviews, Trump has been remarkably consistent in his policy positions throughout the campaign.

Assuming is it uncertain whether Donald Trump will attempt to keep his promises and be successful in doing so, American workers have a choice between a known bad result in Hillary Clinton and possibly good, possibly bad result in Donald Trump, and ifTrump is even partially successful in keeping his promises, he will be better than Clinton.  Given that choice, wouldn’t every rational American worker choose the possible good result of Donald Trump vs. the known bad result of Hillary Clinton?

“Narcissism and mean-spiritedness” are subjective.  Given the harm to American workers from Hillary Clinton continuing Ruling Class policies, why shouldn’t American workers support Trump whose policies will serve their economic interests?  General Patton might be described as “narcissistic and mean-spirited,” but he was a great leader, who loved America, and led his men to victory.

I totally do not get “clear incompetence.”  While not every business venture was successful, Donald Trump was very successful in business.  He successful built many large projects in complicated, difficult political environments.  He built a multibillion dollar company. Trump dispatched 16 other candidates in the primaries.  Trump is gaining on Clinton despite the unified and unprecedented MSM bias and opposition and Hillary Clinton’s massive money advantage from Ruling Class donors.

Donald Trump would be hard pressed to do worse than the corrupt, incompetent, “do as we say not as we do” Ruling Class that is making America less free, less prosperous and less secure.

As Trump asks African Americans, what do American workers have to lose by trying Donald Trump?