(Editor’s note: The first presidential debate is upon us and the website SportsBettingDime.com produced some odds on issues and actions that could come out of the debate. For your amusement, we reproduce the odds revealed in a press release here.)

If you’re a betting man, put your money down on Lester Holt fact checking Donald Trump more than Hilary Clinton during the debate.  According to the odds-makers at SportsBettingDime.com, at 1/4 Trump is the prohibitive favorite to get fact checked the most. If that’s not enough of a sure thing, the odds-maker also offer 1/7 odds that Trump refers to Clinton’s health or stamina during the event and 1/3 odds that Clinton references Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. 

The odd-makers are also laying even money (1/1) that Colin Kaepernick is mentioned during the debate but only 3/1 odds that anyone mentions Skittles.  They also give Clinton (11/10) a slight edge in getting a bigger post-election bump in the Quinnipiac Poll.  And with the myriad of scandals surrounding each candidate, the odd-makers are split on lines of attack for each candidate.  Favorite targets for Clinton are expected to be Trump’s Tax Returns and Bankruptcies both at 2/1; while Clinton’s emails (2/1) and the Clinton Foundation (3/1) are expected to be Trump’s favorite targets.

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Which candidate will get a bigger bump in the Quinnipiac poll that directly follows the debate

Trump: 10/11

Clinton: 11/10

Odds of which Clinton scandal/issue Trump refers to most often during the debate

Email server: 2/1

Clinton Foundation: 3/1

Benghazi: 4/1

Health: 4/1

Odds of which Trump scandal/issue Clinton refers to most often during the debate

Bankruptcies: 2/1

Tax returns: 2/1

Trump Foundation: 6/1

Trump University: 6/1

Odds on the color of Donald Trump’s tie

Red: 9/5

Blue: 2/1

Green: 5/1

Yellow: 7/1

FIELD (including striped): 20/1

Odds on the color of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit

Blue: 3/1

Black: 4/1

White: 5/1

Multi-colored: 7/1

Red: 16/1

FIELD: 4/1

Odds of which candidate Lester Holt fact-checks more during the debate

Trump: 1/4

Clinton: 4/1

Odds that Trump complains about the fairness of moderator Lester Holt during or following the debate: 2/1

Odds a Trump protester disrupts the debate: 9/1

Odds a Trump supporter disrupts the debate: 8/1

Odds that Clinton retires or withdraws from the debate before its scheduled end: 22/1

Odds San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is mentioned during the debate: 1/1

Odds Trump brings up Clinton’s health/stamina during the debate: 1/7

Odds Clinton brings up Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the debate: 1/3

Odds Trump brings up Bill Clinton’s infidelities during the debate: 6/1

Odds the word “Skittles” is used during the debate (by a candidate or moderator): 3/1