California already is among the least business-friendly states in America. This legislation (AB 1066) Adds to an already long list of reasons why businesses and farmers are leaving California.

The consequences of this legislation are hardly unknown. Farmers across the state have been sounding warning bells about AB 1066 since similar legislation was rejected earlier this year and then snuck back in as a last-minute ‘gut and amend’ bill late in the session with little opportunity for public scrutiny.

AB 1066 will put some farmworkers out of work and limit the number of hours others can work. These workers, who for years have counted on a 60- hour weekly pay check to support their families, will now find themselves limited to just 40 hours.

In addition, many farmers have told me that with passage of this bill, they will begin to tear out labor intensive crops, like table grapes, and replace them with crops like carrots that can be picked by machine.

The bill hurts both farmers and farm workers and will result in increased grocery bills and farmers leaving California.