With 17 initiatives on the cluttered November ballot and so much attention on the Presidential race, California Republicans cannot forget about the consequential elections for congressional and legislative seats. Since Republicans aren’t positioned to determine the outcome of the Presidential election in California, and there isn’t a strong conservative voice to support in the Senate campaign, we must remain laser-focused on making a difference where we can – in legislative races.

Take a moment to imagine the damaging policies a two-thirds Supermajority would push through Sacramento. The Senate and Assembly majorities are run by incredibly liberal lawmakers who make Democrats in Massachusetts and Vermont seem moderate. With unchecked power, we would see more job-crushing tax increases across industries and a real threat to taxpayer protections and Proposition 13. We must not forget, this is the same caucus that, without a two-thirds Supermajority, approved giving convicted felons in jail the right to vote and passed devastating hikes in the minimum wage and overtime pay for agricultural workers. We cannot rest on the hope that the “Moderate Caucus” will block these crippling policies.

To maintain a two party system in California’s legislature and ensure checks and balances in Washington, we need to protect Republican seats. Now is the time for commonsense voters who care about the future of California, and the country, to step up, volunteer and do everything they can to deter one party rule in California. Let’s not wait till November – we cannot look back and wonder what if. What if we had raised more funds to support candidates? What if we had talked with more voters? Knocked on more doors? Made more calls?

As the CEO of California Trailblazers, a program to recruit, train and help elect Republican legislative candidates, I can tell you that candidates are working tirelessly to protect seats and compete with Democrat challengers. Trailblazers alumni include Assemblymembers Hadley, Kim, Steinorth and Baker, and current participants include Assemblymembers Wilk and Chang and Jordan Cunningham, Dante Acosta and Steve Fazio. This is the most qualified and promising crop of candidates Republicans have had running for legislative seats in more than a decade. Our time to win elections and lead in Sacramento is now.

Our Board of Directors, the state party, Assembly and Senate Republican leaders are working as hard as possible to support our candidates. I urge everyone to get involved or face the consequences of one-party rule.

Jessica Patterson is CEO of California Trailblazers, a program to recruit, train and help elect the next generation of Republican leaders. Previously, Patterson served as the statewide Field Director for Meg Whitman for Governor, California Victory Director in 2010 and 2012 with the California Republican Party, as well as Nevada Victory Director at the Republican National Committee.