Californians love sex. They also love supermajorities.

Prop 60 makes history by bringing these two state passions together in one ballot initiative.

Prop 60 requires that performers in pornographic films must wear condoms or take other protective measures. I had previously avoided writing about this initiative because I wondered if it was in good taste, but now that the Republicans have advanced a pornographic nominee for president, I no longer see any reason for restraint.

In most cases, ballot initiatives automatically can’t be changed except by another vote of the people. But the backers of Prop 60, somewhat responsibly, decided to permit amendment. But amending Prop 60 will require a 2/3 vote of the legislature.

Our supermajority madness, once just for budgets, long ago expanded to all sorts of things, like stem cell research. Now our culture of 2/3 has reached the adult film set.