There are still many ballots to count, but here’s a preliminary list of the biggest California winners in the November elections.

1 — Gov. Jerry Brown. His Prop 57 won, and it appears he managed to defeat Prop 53. Kamala Harris’ victory means he’ll get to appoint a new attorney general. Plus, he’s now the most powerful Democrat in the country. Will he seize this high profile to lead the opposition to Trump?

1a — The next California governor, who will inherit the “Democratic shadow presidency at the end of 2018.

2 — Gavin Newsom. His two measures, Prop 63 (gun and ammunition control) and Prop 64 (marijuana legalization) won.

3 — Patient tokers. Legalization means weed will get a lot cheaper in 2018, when regulations on recreational and medical should go into effect.

4 — California labor unions—they finally get a president who backs their anti-trade politics. Though they will protest that they didn’t want him.

5 — Housing developers. California already had a massive housing shortage. Now we’re going to need build even more housing – for people fleeing from other states in Trump’s America.