I have a few questions for California voters:

I have difficulty understanding why my fellow Californians vote the way they do, so I would appreciate those who voted for the above Propositions to explain their reasoning.

My guess is that you really don’t have any rationale. You either made a decision based on the title of the Proposition or followed some voter guide you got from the unions or the Democrat Party, not realizing that you were voting to make life much more difficult for not only you but your fellow Californians.

People have still to learn, it seems, that ballot titles often are intentionally misleading, and, in all cases, do not accurately represent the text of the Proposition. You actually have to spend a few minutes and read the text of the Proposition to know what you are voting on. I realize that is a big burden on a lot of people to actually have to read the laws they are voting in, but it is the responsible thing to do as a voter if you are going to impose laws on your fellow citizens. If you haven’t actually read the Proposition, then I recommend you don’t vote on it so you don’t do any damage to yourself or others.

Ballot titles are generally written by the Attorney General of California, so Kamala Harris wrote the ballot titles to induce you to vote the way she wanted you to vote.

Can I get you to commit to actually read the Propositions, not just the titles, during the next election so you have some idea of what you are voting for? Hmmm?