California’s political leaders, the generals of the so-called Trump resistance, may be surprised that they don’t have as many troops behind them as they imagined according to the new Golden State Poll released by the Hoover Institution. In issues dealing with immigration—sanctuary cities, deportations, and denying immigration from certain countries—the poll showed split support rather than overwhelming support for the positions the political leaders identified as “California values.”

According to Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution fellow who oversees the poll, the survey results indicate that while coastal blue California gets the headlines, there is really more than one California. Whalen noted that Donald Trump garnered one-third of the California vote and Hillary Clinton captured three-fifths of the state’s popular vote, but support for Trump’s immigration ideas actually broke even between support and opposition and in some cases were a few points ahead.

When asked about Trump’s proposal to deport immigrants who have been convicted of crimes while also deporting immigrants who came to the country illegally but allowing them to return to the country legally, 44% said the state would be better off if this plan is followed, 39% said the state would be worse off.

Suspending immigration from countries that Trump says are comprised of terrorism also got a more positive than negative response in the survey. 42% agreed with the policy, 35% disagreed.

The question of sanctuary cities was extensively tested in the poll. After offering both pro and con arguments for sanctuary cities, and testing the question in different ways, respondents were split, around 40% supported and around 40% opposed, the numbers varying a couple of points with the different test groups. A question on sanctuary cities detailing some of the services for which funds could be denied by the federal government (such as school lunches, child protective services, low income housing and anti-terrorism funds) if sanctuary cities bucked federal demands did not change the results—40% support, 40% opposed.

One immigration issue in which the voters came down on the side as a progressive California might expect was on Trump’s idea for a border wall. 35% said the state would be better off with such a wall, 45% said no to the border wall.

Whalen noted that Trump, himself, came off poorly in the poll, and one avenue the resistance generals would likely take on the immigration issues is talk about Trump every time they oppose an immigration policy. To counter such a move, Whalen suggested Trump forces might define the immigration policy with a focus on removing criminal illegal immigrants, which voters would support.

Hoover’s Golden State Poll covered other national and state issues.

There were some surprises here as well for California’s progressive leaders. The voter’s top five priorities as identified by the poll: Strengthen the state’s economy; Dealing with the state’s water problems; Balancing the state budget; Improving the job situation; Reducing crime.

To view the entire poll results please go here.