“Dreams come true! Women can do anything!” That was Kellyanne Conway’s message yesterday morning in front of a group of 250 women leaders, the day before her 50th birthday … and the much discussed inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Kellyanne said she is having a huge birthday party and there is a small swearing in on the side! Her message was supportive, encouraging, gave insight and reminded you that she is a woman with all the same thoughts and issues that that we have.

Kellyanne told us how important the grassroots voters were and that that is gratifying to have a victory for the future that is shared by all.

She stressed to the group that the Trump family is making unbelievable sacrifices, that the Trumps are doing this for all Americans.

Her insight was personal. She told us that Trump is respectful of different people, family friendly, respectful of religious faith and promotes women within his companies and now in his administration.

Kellyanne told us, “I’m going inside now. You are always welcome. All of you.” She went on to say that women need to realize that they are doing a great job, they need to decide what is best for themselves and not to judge each other for deciding to work or take care of their kids. She wants us to support the women business owners and the caregivers of elderly family members.

Kellyanne is such a strong advocate for Trump. She calls him a man of action. “It’s not an accident that he won, that Republicans won so many seats. Americans want action, the country wants action. ”

Her own children are not in what she calls the cheerful chaos, they just want to feel safe and that their lunch is there and made right. She says that she makes herself impervious to all the naysayers and critics, that you cannot allow people to unravel your world. She shared with us that we need to be strong and have a sense of self, soldiering on no matter what. She prays every day, just like so many of us.

She reminded us that Trump did not divide the country, but he sure has an opportunity to unite it. When asked if she is surprised that Trump won, she responds with vigor, “The country didn’t see it?! Are you kidding me? One of the two could have won, did you never see it, really?” One of her worries is for people who seek sameness – instead she urged us to celebrate our diversity.

Speaking of the media and what its impact is on the people, she correctly identified that a newsman saying something is important does not mean it’s relevant. They can say it over and over again, but it does not matter. The people see and definitely saw what was important in the election November 8th.

She told us that women’s voices need to be at the table and that she is proud to be in a party to embrace pro life and pro choice women. She told us that women should not feel excluded, just participate and get involved.

When asked if she felt powerful, she wisely stated that being powerful is like being a lady. If you say you are, you are probably not. If you can’t be good, be nice. And if you are nice about it, people want to help you.

Our marching orders were clear – this is our chance to elevate ourselves as women. We need to encourage our girls and support young women. Trump will speak at the inauguration to unify our divided country. Remember, he did not create the division, but he will seek to unify us.   The people in our great country need to listen and help. With all of our help, Donald Trump will do great things, especially with Kellyanne on his team.