I was not able to attend this weekend’s California Republican convention for the first time in 8 years but still had the opportunity to express my thoughts about the coming convention and the state of the California Republican Party when I was interviewed on KCRW’s radio show, “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” The two most burning topics facing California Republicans today: how do we deal with the Trump effect and who Republicans are running for Governor next year?

Madeleine asked what should the CRP be focused on at the convention?  And it just came out of my mouth without thought…“Do no harm and be brave,” I said.  It is no secret that I was in opposition to the Trump candidacy from day one.  But on Election Day I stopped campaigning and became a skeptical supporter of our 45th president.  I hoped that his campaign rhetoric would subside and be replaced with intelligent, uniting governance to truly make America great. 

Last week for the first time I broke my silence and felt obligated to voice disapproval with the president returning to Florida to hold a campaign style rally. I posted my views on my Facebook thread and was quickly admonished by many of those friends I usually engaged in cheerful conversation with at a convention bar.

“Are you sure you are still a Republican?” asked one of my friends.  Yes, I’m quite certain and confident of my credentials, I replied.

In private many fellow Republicans cheered my “braveness” indicated that they are disappointed in many of President Trump’s positions once he took office. Yet, they stay silent which seems contrarian and anti-Republican.

I tell them I’m still hopeful that all the constitutional checks and balances will protect our civil liberties from the wild policy changes this administration proffers.  My focus is in keeping true to Republican values, so when I’m asked some time in the future where I stood on the controversial anti-Republican policies of Mr. Trump, I can say I stood with my convictions and with my Republican values.