Much of California has rallied against President Trump’s travel ban and with good reason. It’s grounded in anti-Muslim bigotry, limits travel that is vital to our state’s economy culture, and, stupidly, seeks to fight terrorism by keeping out its victims.

Which is why California should cancel its own, very different travel ban.

This year, a new state law went into effect banning state-funded or state-sponsored travel to states that have recently enacted discriminatory laws on basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Four states are currently banned: North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kansas.

The desire to express outrage against such laws is understandable. But already the law is having negative effects. The LA Times reported that it’s blocked students from attending conferences and public university athletes from competing in those states.

Shutting off exchanges with those states is wrongheaded. If you’re going to change minds, don’t you have to meet people and talk to people – where they live?

Now, in light of the Trump ban, our ban looks even worse. California needs to stand up for freedom of movement, travel and conversation everywhere. We need to show our patriotism – in contrast to Trump’s regular slandering of the country (not to mention his traitorous and anti-democratic behavior).

Let’s embrace all 50 states, and reach out especially to those who disagree with us.