“I join with all those who say Measure S goes too far.”
– Gov. Jerry Brown

Last week Gov. Brown agreed with what a historic coalition of community residents and civic leaders has been saying for over a year – Measure S goes too far. In his second term, the Governor has led the charge to address the housing crisis in California’s cities. His 2017-2018 budget warned specifically of the dangers of anti-housing policies like Measure S. The Governor’s budget demonstrated how a housing ban would raise rents, drive away the middle-class, and worsen homelessness, climate change and traffic. Thank you Gov. Brown for joining us.

The deception and misrepresentation being used by the proponents of Measure S is being denounced community wide. Despite Mayor Garcetti’s solid opposition to Measure S, the Yes on S campaign continues to use his photo and partial quotes in mailers that imply his support. In response, the Mayor issued a statement on the campaign’s “dirty trick.”

The Los Angeles Times, after a very clear editorial in opposition to Measure S, had to write an op-ed where they warned their readers not to be fooled by pro Measure S campaign mailers that misrepresent the Editorial Board’s position which “is adamantly, vociferously and super-duper opposed to Measure S.”

L.A. County Counsel sent the Yes on S campaign a cease and desist order regarding their mailer designed to look like official eviction notices from the L.A. Sheriff’s Department. The campaign actually refused to comply with the order, defending their right to send out mailers that falsely scare tenants.

Deception screams of desperation.

Additionally, the very community that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation was founded to serve is criticizing the $4.9 million AHF has poured into this wasteful campaign. Dollars that could have been used to help the thousands of people who need AHF services. City Controller Ron Galperin and the CEO of the LGBT Center held a press conference last Friday to make clear that our housing crisis has had a devastating impact on the LGBT community and other vulnerable populations, and that Measure S would exacerbate the problem among the communities that AHF is supposed to be helping.

Business. Labor. Affordable housing advocates. Neighborhood Association leaders, Republicans. Democrats. Green Party. LGBT community. Mayor Garcetti. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Daily News. Governor Brown. All opposed to Measure S. The election is a week from today. Rarely has your “NO” been so important.