The Yes on Measure S campaign releases a special report, “Pay to Play In Los Angeles City Government” entirely assembled from official city information that has been released publicly, but unpublished to date.

This report reveals how L.A. City employees and politicians work behind closed doors for months or years on behalf of specific developers and usually without knowledge of the public, to get around an area’s zoning rules. Throughout this closed process, most developers also donate to these same elected leaders.

The result of this non-transparent, favor-driven process can be seen by looking out the window: L.A.’s skyrocketing traffic, rents, homelessness and human displacement, during a time of low unemployment and low population growth of just 1.2% a year.

Yes on Measure S strives to return sensible planning, transparency and open accessible government to L.A. City Hall and reduce the dramatic undue influence of developers on what our city becomes.

Read the report here.