Radio and television ads urge Californians to call legislators and support the bill to fix the roads. However, none of the ads mention the tax and fee increases.

What happened to truth in advertising?

The “sanctuary state” bill passed the senate along party lines 27-12. Many in law enforcement still oppose. Senator Pat Bates cited opposition from Orange County sheriff Sandra Hutchins:

“Local sheriffs such as Orange County’s Sandra Hutchens have made the compelling case that SB 54 would have a major impact on county budgets. At least four counties, including Orange, have lease agreements with the federal government for jail bed space. Orange County alone would lose $22 million in the first year if SB 54 becomes law. These counties may have little choice but to lay off sheriff’s deputies, which would endanger citizens and immigrants alike.”

Taxes and crimes as major issues…feels like the 1990s again.

There’s an election in the Los Angeles area today to fill the congressional seat held by Xavier Becerra before he became California’s attorney general. Voter turnout might surprise…lots of attention to the race in the district. Vote totals could reach the 21% achieved in the recent L.A. citywide election. The race, consisting of 24 candidates, has been analyzed as a contest between the establishment and outsiders.

Not really. No matter the winner, someone who fits comfortably into the left wing of the Democratic Party will be headed to DC.