When out-of-control legislatures, often controlled by Democrats, put their states’ future in danger, voters are electing business oriented, Republican governors to lead a turnaround – in historically progressive blue states.

There are now 19 businessmen-governors in state houses across the country. Many of them are serving in elected office for the first time. Some prominent names include Governor Larry Hogan in Maryland, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, and Gina Raimondo in Rhode Island, to name a few. The list includes both Democrat and Republican business-minded Governors who were former CEO’s and bankers, a venture capitalist, a retail chain head, a farmer and food company founder, and a medical clinic operator.

Voters are expressing a preference for vision and entrepreneurial capabilities over electoral resume.

These are traits extremely attractive to Millennials and those of us 20-somethings facing an extraordinary future.

Governor Larry Hogan in Maryland provides a good example. He founded and ran a successful real estate business for 18 years. He also started Change Maryland, a not-for-profit enterprise to educate voters about the dangers of the tax policies of the Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley. Hogan is only the second Republican governor in 50 years in that true-blue state and his high approval rating suggests that voters are behind him in his efforts to manage state government spending and lower taxes.

This is the type of visionary, business-minded leadership we need looking toward the future in California; and that doesn’t mean that a business-minded leader can’t be conservative – quite the contrary. What it does mean however, is that a leader or governor can bring thoughtful analysis to the process of designing effective solutions.

California is a state that is in singular need of a businessman-governor. The tax-and-spend regime stands on the shaky foundation of America’s most uneven tax burden, a burden that those in my generation will inherit unless we upset the political apple cart.

This is one reason why San Diego businessman John Cox sits well-positioned in the current slate of gubernatorial candidates, and is attractive to a wide-base of Republicans. He recently earned the endorsement of a conservative statewide grassroots organization, but is also gathering support from moderates, and even Democrats and Independents craving change. He is making ending political corruption the singular issue in the campaign so that reform can happen. Our future doesn’t simply hold Republican or Democrat problems, and that’s why a candidate like him appeals to those of us seeking visionary leadership and change.

I am a big believer and optimist when it comes to what is possible in California – it’s how my generation thinks and it’s one of our greatest assets.

Not only have we seen Republican Governors elected by majority Democrat and independent voters in progressive states across the country, but we know that there is a palpable undercurrent of angst amongst California voters. What the Democrats are offering just doesn’t cut it, and that’s a stark contrast to the visionary and unique leadership offered by Republican businessman John Cox.

Nicholas Francois is a UC Davis student majoring in political science and history. He also serves as Chair of the UC Davis College Republicans and as California College Republicans Capital Region Vice Chair.