It’s hard to believe that many Democrats are ready to put Nancy Pelosi’s leadership behind them.

Pelosi seems to have trouble with departure, too, telling the New York Times that she’s worth it.

I can’t help but agree.

In these confusing and fast-changing times, Pelosi provides the continuity the country needs. Democratic candidates are tied to her by Republicans. She raises a lot of money. The Democrats lose more representation in the nation’s legislatures. And certain liberal causes – women’s rights, health care, democracy – weaken. And she stays in leadership because no one will challenge her

These all things you can count on. And in Donald Trump’s America, is there really anything else you can count on?

Now some Democrats will talk about accountability. And they will point to all the losing and Pelosi’s toxic political reputation, and say that it’s time to make change. You can’t trust these Democrats because many of them have actually worked in business.

There are some nasty ageists out there who say Pelosi is too old and the party needs younger, fresher leadership, from someone who isn’t yet Social Security eligible. Oh, please. Somebody needs to explain to those young whippersnappers that you can’t be an effective and important politician from California unless you’re well past 70. Experience is that important.

Imagine what might have happened if she had stepped down or been replaced after losing power in 2010—the way things work in other Western democracies. Then there would have been no Democratic losses in 2014, no Trump or Republican retention in 2016.

And that would have meant no resistance now. And there would be no one figure for Democrats to blame for their predicament.

I mean, where on earth would the Democrats be without Nancy Pelosi?