The California Republican Party (CRP) is in worse shape than the national party, because they believe leaders like Rocky Chavez are the future of the party who said this after voting for the crony-filled Cap-and-Trade gas tax: “You’re right, we’re a very small component of the world on this (only 1% of global greenhouse emissions come from California), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be leaders on something that’s threatening the world.”

More than likely, the CRP or Assemblyman Chavez have no idea about a peer-reviewed June 2017 report that stated all figures from the global warming debate are meritless, temperature findings have been cooked to reflect higher temperatures for political gain, and currently there isn’t global warming.

Here are California’s current problems that should’ve been handled by the CRP, Rocky Chavez, Chad Mayes and every Republican who foolishly supported Cap-and-Trade. California has the highest housing costs in the country squashing the young, middle class, and minorities. Three Democrat-approved planning agencies based in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco keep single-family homes from being built using global warming as the excuse.

Twenty-seven percent of Californians aren’t native to America; which causes our public schools to lag behind nationally in reading, writing and math, yet we spend more than anyone in the nation on education. Our prisons release felons because of AB 109 and Prop 47, advocated for by Democrats. A third of Californians are on welfare, and our cheap labor issues with uncontrolled immigration means we have the worst inequality in the country while owing trillions in unfunded pension and health care liabilities since Democratic-controlled unions control our elected officials.  Governor Brown wisely called for earlier this year the legislature to cut spending since California is heading for a fiscal disaster.

We also have the highest taxes in the nation and our businesses are not hiring, because of the regulatory burden – most notably the draconian environmental laws – exhibited by the Global Warming law (AB 32) signed by Republican Governor Schwarzenegger.

Our infrastructure is crumbling and needs $800 million to over a trillion dollars worth of maintenance repairs or new construction. Instead Democrats and some Republicans focus on a travel ban to U.S. states that don’t tow the LGBTQ agenda allowing open bathrooms and locker rooms for any gender at any time; no matter if it is a grown man walking into a first graders locker room or your local fitness center’s bathroom.

The California dream is over and will descend into Venezuela-like socialism unless the CRP competitively tries to win Los Angeles County. As LA County goes, so goes California, and I’d argue the nation. Leaders like John Goya who ran for State Assembly out of Long Beach in 2014 should’ve been nurtured and groomed for future runs by building up his campaign war chest and letting him speak across LA County and the state. Republicans have been their own worse enemy choosing candidates who look good and have great track records (Mike Antonovich and Steve Fazio), however both lost since neither was able to convey messages that spoke to today’s Democrats, Independents or complacent Republican voters.

They were terrific people, but had no idea how to win in today’s California. The day of the older white male who can’t explain why abortion, being against traditional marriage, global warming and higher taxes aren’t good for LA County or California will not be able to win. After spending time with John during my own 2014 Assembly race, he could’ve won in 2016 or by 2018, which could’ve created a snowball affect on LA County. In my own Assembly district (the 43rd), a motivated Republican candidate with state party backing can beat Laura Friedman.

What Trump proved and California Republicans aren’t grasping are Democrat-controlled states and California can be won with a pro-growth, pro-jobs, and pro-American message. Trump won states that haven’t been won in a generation with that message. The solution is to find real candidates for state and federal positions who can articulately convey the message of growth, putting American interests first, and watch the bluest state of all – California turn back to its pro-growth, pro-prosperity roots – that made it a beacon of light for the post World War II generation.