On behalf of working Californians and our citizen taxpayer members, HJTA is profoundly disappointed in the political “deal” which was struck yesterday to extend California’s “cap and trade” law.  Nothing can justify conservative support for a law that will surely result in at least a 71 cents increase in the cost of gasoline with absolutely zero benefit for a majority of California taxpayers.

Instead, two-thirds of both houses of the California legislature have placed the entire burden of the state’s response to climate change on the backs of those least able to afford it.  When added to the $5.2 billion gas and car tax hike adopted mere months ago, last night’s actions mean that  middle-class households will pay at least $1000 a year in higher fuel prices by 2031. Further, the legislation ensures that at least 25 percent of this gas price increase will go to fund high speed rail, which a majority of Californians would vote to repeal if it were on the ballot today.

The suspension of the State Responsibility SRA fire fee, while welcome relief for thousands of homeowners, is scant consolation in light of these new regressive fuel price increases on every single California taxpayer.

Once again California’s political elites, in concert with powerful special interests, have imposed a massive financial burden on California’s middle class, giving them yet another reason to leave this once Golden State.