Who does Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon think he is?

I mean, where does he get the idea that he can be some sort of grown-up? Doesn’t he know he’s in California politics?

This is the era of Trump, and it would be totally unfair if California and its leftists didn’t get to behave as irresponsibly as the president.

So they’re out there trying to hit as many of the stations of the Trump Cross as possible. They’re pushing phony health care legislation that doesn’t do what it purports to do. They’re attacking people who oppose them on social media. They’re dismissing the press as being tools of the opposition. And they’re vaguely inciting violence, pointing out that Rendon “stabbed California in the back” by blocking a single-payer health care bill that would only have remade the entire health system and cost a mere $400 billion.

Doesn’t Rendon realize the details could have been fixed later?

Rendon is a guy from working-class Southern California, which, as the left has made plain, makes him a corporate toady. And he can pretend to be a serious person who understands the working man, but he’ll never really be a truly understanding servant of the people like California Nurses Association chief Rose Ann DeMoro, whose family personally struggles to make ends meet on only $700,000 a year from her union, which barely allows her to afford a Napa estate.

If Speaker Rendon is going to be a real California progress leader, he’s going to have to learn to stop advancing actual progressive policies. Because the real progressives here know it’s more important to pretend than to build an actual coalition for progressive action.