If you’ve been staying in the California Republican Party and waiting for the party to re-align itself with the state, your wait is over.

It’s time to leave.

Look for an exodus after the CRP’s invitation to Steve Bannon to speak at next weekend’s party convention in Anaheim.

Bannon was last seen being booted from a Trump administration after he advised the president to defend white supremacists in Charlottesville. Since then, he returned to Breitbart, where he proudly leads the “alt-right,” the 21st century term of art for white supremacists. Bannon, in the name of a deeply perverted nationalism, advocates for policies that go against everything Republicans are supposed to believe—he’s for protectionism, restrictions on immigration (both legal and unauthorized), and for treating people according to their race, not who they are as people.

Bannon is exactly the sort of person the California Republican Party should be shunning –if it wants any kind of future in 21st century California. But bigotry matters more to this party than California. Which is why Bannon was invited to keynote the convention.

The justification for the invitation is that Bannon is a powerful voice in the party, like him or hate him. But this policy of inclusion doesn’t apply to others in the party. Moderates and even conservatives who compromise – most recently Chad Mayes – have been shunned. And folks like me – people who are not Republicans but want to have a successful conservative party in the state – are not welcome to speak at Republican events. (I’ve even been told by some Republican officials not to email them anymore).

It shouldn’t be that hard to revive the Republican Party brand in California – if the party was determined to be Republican and pro-California. Republican principles of free enterprise and individual freedom, and the party’s skepticism about grand plans and social engineering are important, and they need advocates in a place like California. At times, Republican views would be triumphant in election.

But the party now seems to be rooting against California, and those of its people who aren’t white or given to scapegoating and bigotry. If the party is going to be honest with itself, maybe it’s time to change the name or the California Racist Party may describe the organization well.

In the meantime, California’s moderates and conservatives need a new party. It’s time to get busy building it.