What’s playing at the Roxie? I’ll tell you what’s playing at the Roxie.

This Friday night at the Roxie in San Francisco, you can see a series of short films – including one that documents some of the early and ugly Trump bullying against someone who was prescient about the danger he posed to democracy.

The short film is about Dane Waters, who led Delegates Unbound, an effort to stop the Trump nomination at last summer’s Republican National Convention. The effort made the argument that delegates could vote their consciences, instead of supporting the candidate to which they were pledged.

The bid failed.

Waters, who I’ve gotten to know over the years because of his leadership in initiative and referendum issues around the country, took incredible abuse for his effort. He reads from the emails he received for challenging Trump. They hit home—I get similar missives when I write about the president critically—or say anything positive about immigrants

If you can’t get to the Roxie, the film is available online here.